Fix the web toolbar

To add the ATbar to your browser simply right click the following link and add it to your bookmarks (also called favorites in Internet Explorer). On Safari, Chrome or Firefox you can drag the link to your bookmarks.

ATbar link

Image showing a user adding the link to their favourites using IE6

How to use

Should you ever wish to Fix the Web simply select the bookmark and the ATbar will appear as a series of buttons (or links) at the top of the current page.
(Note you will need to use a javascript enabled browser.)

ATbar heart button

To use simply click the heart button (which is labelled “create a fix the web report about this page) and a new window will open with the address of the problem page shown. You then only need to fill in the accessibility issue field with the details of the problem you encountered.

The Fix the Web heart button is integrated in to ATbar, the assistive technology toolbar and so contains a number of other accessibility features you may find invaluable. Discover the functions of ATbar.