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SuperVolunteers are selected (it is of course optional) by us from our most active volunteers on the site to have an extra management responsibility. They are given deeper access to our database of reports and volunteers, and are able to support other volunteers in getting their job done. They are also able to help our administrators become aware of problems which our volunteers might have with the system, or other problems such as an increase in spam to the site.

To apply to be a SuperVolunteer you should first register as a volunteer for fix the web (if you haven't already), once logged in as a volunteer you will see a form below to allow you to apply. If the form is not showing it is because you are either not signed in, registered as a volunteer, or have already submitted an application. Your name will be added to the list, and when we next are in need of a new SuperVolunteer we, or one of our SuperVolunteers, will be in touch.