FTW problems with spam

Hi Everyone,
We made Fix the Web as open as possible (you didn't have to create an account) and used the very best practice CAPTCHA in terms of accessibility.

However, despite trying many things, the database keeps getting saturated with spam and sorry to those poor volunteers going in to do a useful thing and just seeing cr*p! (dear reporters please keep your genuine reports coming in!)

So we are going to have a clear out of the system and make a change:
Everyone will need an account with Fix the Web to report.

We have discussed this at length anyway, because when website owners want a dialogue about a problem it is really hard if we can't contact the reporter.

We will keep the current CAPTCHA just for the creation of new accounts but if it gives us further problems we will divert to using a different one (people will only need to get through it once).

If we make these changes, the toolbar may cease to work, if you are using the toolbar and you have this problem can you let me know.

best wishes,