Fix the Web Sept 2012

Hi All,
A few things to update you on.

Hurrah- we now have 800 volunteers on the site. We could easily cope with many more genuine reports. I had a mail from Australia recently wanting to promote the service to disabled people in Australia so hoping that does bring in more reporters.

we are still getting a lot of nonsense into FTW- sorry volunteers - we will soon be implemeneting a change so that people can only report if they are signed up.

Other web annoyances
Some of the reports are either just spam or they are geunine cases of people having come across child pornography (in which case we should signpost them to the Internet Watch Foundation) or having had poor experiences of online shopping etc. I suspect the ones highlightign pyramid selling etc are just trying to suck us in. Anyway, does anyone want to help collate a list of the places we should be signposting to for this kind of report?

best wishes,