Fix the Web Newsletter March 2012

Hello Everyone,
Its great to see traffic on the site.

I can see there are a number of reports in so VOLUNTEERS please come in and pick a few and take them forwards.

I think we need to chase website owners at least three times before we close a report as "I didn't hear back" and do feel free to get them on the phone if you can.

Reporters, if you don't get a satisfactory answer, feel free to re-report your issue to the site. I would also suggest we have to accept that we are trying to do a big culture change here and being ignored or fobbed off is part of the deal for a while (we are gathering data though!).

Everytime you do report something and a message is ssent to the owner, someones awareness is raised. So i have always thought VOLUME is important. Hence why your first report need not be detailed. We can do then detail when we have the website owners ear!

Well I am still looking for ways (funding) to improve this site and had new leads recently.

best wishes