Fix the Web newsletter July 2011

Hello Everyone,
Some new from Fix the Web, the project to promote web accessibility by enabling the user voice to get through to website owners.

Let's get the bad news out of the way! Fix the Web has no funding at the moment so Citizens Online are putting small amounts of time in and I also act as a volunteer for the project because I am passionate about it. We have asked the e-Access Forum (DCMS / Ed Vaisey) for money for the project and are waiting to hear. There are other options we are pursuing and match funding is always easier when one body has given something.

We can do loads with volunteer energy, yours, mine, the steering group. However it becomes essential to have some funds if you really want to hold and drive a project and be able to deploy coding resources, etc. So fingers crossed. We haven't made some of the changes to the system as a result of this, but we are sure one way or another we will do this.

Partnership with eAccess+ (
eAccess+ is a European network of e-accessibility experts, including a focus on web accessibility. We are setting up a key relationship with this project with the aim of building on and improving what we have then taken the programme across Europe- great news!

Volunteer Chasers
There are a couple of volunteers who will be chasing the rest of you if you have jobs sitting in your dashboard that have been there for sometime. So please keep good records of activities and if there is something you need to chase I hope you can find the time to progress it. Many thanks to you all and in particular these volunteer chasers for the great efforts!

Fix the Web out and About
We were invited to speak at the Brussels Digital Agenda Assembly
A video by them (so not fully accessible) is here:

We also had a presence at the Headstar e-Accessibility11 conference Thanks to Coolfields Consulting and Abilitynet for supporting this. A Dragon using tester also came to do live demo's of web accessibility issues, so thanks to him (he is looking for other paid testing work if any organisations want this).

There is a feature on Fix the Web in the current addition of Ability magazine.

New resources
Peter Abrahams (of Bloor, One Voice and Fix the Web steering group) has created seven simple steps to web accessibility:

Sandi Wassmer (Of Copious Ltd, e-access advocate, blogger for Action for Blind people and on Fix the Web steering group) has created 10 inclusive design principles

Best wishes and please be in touch