Fix the Web Newsletter Dec 2012

Warm Seasonal greetings to you all!

-Damn the spam and loneliness!
-European meeting on web accessibility
-Unleashing the Potential of Fix the Web

Damn the Spam and loneliness
FTW users, you are having spam to deal with and not getting to talk with each other (forum etc), there are bugs that need fixing and great suggestions (like an FTW email address) that haven't been implemented. Still we are doing good stuff, but we need some resources to do so much better - I have outlined these in a paper, copied below. Please send it out on networks and met me know if you are interested in any areas.

Yesterday I attended a meeting to talk about the way forwards for web accessibility. It included the European Disability Forum, G3ICT, Microsoft, AvePoint and the EC (there is new European legislation in this area). Useful comments included:
*1/3rd of public sector and less than 10% of private websites are accessible and indications suggest its worse than this
*Retrofitting accessibility is costly but inclusive design from the start isn't (so we may get less fixes but those folks saying "next time I'll do better" is a good step forwards- we have to raise awareness
*Accessible websites make "responsive web design" so much easier (stuff like mobile platforms)
*Authoring tools (stuff to make sites and software) are getting more accessible but is also getting more complex out there
*Legislation needs harmonising across countries to make it more effective
*If you can't solve a problem make it bigger!

Of course I talked about Fix the Web and our need for parners and resources to build from our beta site- I had some VERY positive interest so fingers crossed folks.

Unleashing the Potential of Fix the Web
I have drafted a piece about FTW and what we need to go forwards. Comments, questions offers very welcome. I will put it in a separate newsletter so its easier for people to find.

All the best