Fix the Web Newsletter Dec 2010

Hello Fellow Web Fixers!

Gail here.. really appreciating all your efforts on our project.

Your experiences
Media types we are talking to are interested in the successes we have had to date and how Website owners are responding to the project. If you have any quotable quotes or things you would like to share please let me know, especially if it involves positive feedback from website owners.. (negative stuff is interesting too but I guess we won't make a feature of that, but could learn what we can from it).

Liquid Layout
(whatever that means!) ;-) is here on the site to improve our own accessibility. We will carry on working on our bugs, usability, accessibility and design.

The reports are coming in, which is great. Time for any dormant volunteers to have a go!
If you get any unpleasant, pointless ones (I've picked up a few) just close them and move on. We allow people to report anonymously for good reasons..and some will abuse that.

Steering Group
In the new year I will create a slightly more formal steering group, which can break up into smaller task focussed groups to think through improving and developing the project. Please be in touch if you are interested in taking part.

We have worked on this with Southampton University - its at the bottom of the home page (on the right for sighted folks). We will do a bunch of PR specific to this next week. Thanks to Adrian @ Hanona for testing it out for us and do let us know if you find problems with it.

Best wishes and have a lovely festive time,
Gail xx

Other news
has just been launched to support the dissemination and use of BS8878; the new British Standard for web accessibility.

Taste the Apples, 6th January 2011, London.

The British Computer Association of the Blind and The Royal National Institute of Blind People invite you to an EyeT4All day showing the powerful, easy to use, and free access features of the Apple range of products.
Get your hands on an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iMac, and MacBook. The great thing about Apple access is that it is built-in and provided as standard at no extra cost.
The day presents the full range of access features for blind and partially sighted people. One stream will be trying out the speech features of Voiceover. The other stream will focus more on magnification. You can choose which stream to join but some sessions will be together. Separate rooms are available for a limited number of short personal hands on sessions but please let us know your wishes well in advance.
The presenters include an Apple associate, experienced users and BCAB certified trainers.
The July event was sold out quickly, so please book soon.
Location: RNIB headquarters, 105 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NE.
Cost: £50 (£45 reduced rate for BCAB members) including tea/coffee and buffet lunch.
Time: 9:40 to 16:30.
Bookings: through the BCAB website:
All reservations and payments are taken online. If this is a problem please contact Mike.
For more information please contact: Dr. Mike Townsend