Amaze Grant Winner: Fix the Web

Deque Systems is very pleased to announce that the first Amaze Grant has been awarded to Fix the Web. The UK-based initiative was originally launched in 2010 to find and fix digital accessibility issues through the power of crowdsourcing. Fix the Web will not only help to remove barriers to the web for users with disabilities but also provides users with disabilities a way to make their voices heard by website and application owners.

Fix the Web Oct 2013

Hello Dear Webfixers!

We're busy working away in the backend of fix the web at the moment. We've got lots of ideas and are just about to begin work on a major upgrade to the site. We have gone through all your beta testing issue reports and will be implementing whatever suggestions we can during this upgrade. We're also shortly going to attempt to clean out our databse to remove the non-genuine reporters. Good news indeed!

Fix the Web Sept 2013

Hi Everyone,
I see we have more "spammy" reports than real ones (there are some real ones) in Fix the Web at the moment.
I'm sorry about this.

I think many "reporters" aren't genuine and we need to find a way to deal with this.

Due to on-going funding issues things take longer than they should with FTW updates, I'm sorry about this. I'm still looking for a long term solution.

best wishes

Fix the Web May update

Hello Dear Webfixers!

And welcome if you are new - I see an astonishing 1088 signed up reporters! That's brilliant. Please do send in your reports of all forms of web accessibility issues- they are what this campaign is all about!

April 2013 press release - Fix the Web

Help Fix the Web!

Over a 1000 disabled people and volunteers have been working together to “crowd source” web accessibility; through the ingenious campaign called Fix the Web. The project has seen over 2500 websites reported with potential accessibility issues that volunteers then take up with website owners. Fix the Web is an initiative of Citizens Online(i), a national charity that campaigns for internet access for all and has the backing of Stephen Fry.

Fix the Web April 2013

Hi Everyone,
I hope your Fix the Web experience is going well (if not do let me know!).

For volunteers do try at least three times to get hold of website owners and don't forget you can always try calling them.

For reporters if you would like more action on a report you have made you can ask for it to be re-listed.

I am currently developing a small team of volunteers helping me to improve the site- watch this space.

I will send out a second newsletter with a press release in if you have people you want to tell about the campaign.

Unleashing the Potential of Fix the Web

Unleashing the Potential of Fix the Web
Gail Bradbrook, Citizens Online, Dec 2012

This paper may be easier to read in a document I have so please contact gail AT citizensonline DOT org DOT UK

Fix the Web Newsletter Dec 2012

Warm Seasonal greetings to you all!

-Damn the spam and loneliness!
-European meeting on web accessibility
-Unleashing the Potential of Fix the Web

Fix the Web Sept 2012

Hi All,
A few things to update you on.

Hurrah- we now have 800 volunteers on the site. We could easily cope with many more genuine reports. I had a mail from Australia recently wanting to promote the service to disabled people in Australia so hoping that does bring in more reporters.

we are still getting a lot of nonsense into FTW- sorry volunteers - we will soon be implemeneting a change so that people can only report if they are signed up.

FTW problems with spam

Hi Everyone,
We made Fix the Web as open as possible (you didn't have to create an account) and used the very best practice CAPTCHA in terms of accessibility.

However, despite trying many things, the database keeps getting saturated with spam and sorry to those poor volunteers going in to do a useful thing and just seeing cr*p! (dear reporters please keep your genuine reports coming in!)

So we are going to have a clear out of the system and make a change:
Everyone will need an account with Fix the Web to report.

Fix the Web Newsletter March 2012

Hello Everyone,
Its great to see traffic on the site.

I can see there are a number of reports in so VOLUNTEERS please come in and pick a few and take them forwards.

I think we need to chase website owners at least three times before we close a report as "I didn't hear back" and do feel free to get them on the phone if you can.

Fix the Web November newsletter and A11ybugs!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are getting something out of your involvement in Fix the Web. As ever, please be in touch with any feedback.

Its great to see so many reports in (so volunteers your work is needed)! Please could volunteers ensure they do at least three chases before logging a report as closed "owners were informed". And keeping good notes is really helpful too thanks.

A special thanks to Anthony in Canada who took it upon himself to promote the site across the world to disabled people- brilliant!

Help Fix the Web!

Stephen Fry is backing an ingenious campaign called Fix the Web that has been launched to tackle the problem of inaccessible websites on a massive scale. Fix the Web is an initiative of Citizens Online(i), a national charity that campaigns for internet access for all.

The internet has been a liberating force in the lives of many disabled people, opening up a wonderful new world of communication, ideas and networks. In theory, it should have created a level playing field.

Fix the Web newsletter July 2011

Hello Everyone,
Some new from Fix the Web, the project to promote web accessibility by enabling the user voice to get through to website owners.

How is it going Web Fixers? April 2011

There have been many new volunteers to Fix the Web- welcome! Lot's coming in through the Do-IT volunteering site.

I hope the system makes sense, please be in touch if you need help.

We are out of balance though at present, in that we have insufficient reports coming in.

We hope reporters install the toolbar and merrily click away as they surf the net. Reporters- how is the toolbar? Does it work for you?

RNIB partners with fix the web to tackle the issue of inaccessible websites

At last, an easy way to complain about inaccessible websites – start reporting problems now!

Fix the Web March update

Hi Web Fixers!
Welcome to any new people, hope you are having a good experience.

I see their are no reports currently available : please do keep them coming, large or small.

We are working on increasing the number of reporters and the number of fixed websites (which is a good motivation to report of course).

Please do bare in mind though that every report leads to some awareness raising which helps in the longer term at least and so is of value. We have made reporting as simple as possible so it doesn't need to feel like a bother!.

Fix the Web March 2011

Hello Web Fixers!

I hope things are going well, but do let me know if otherwise..

I notice the reports are currently empty (thank you volunteers!). Reporters please feel free to keep them coming in.

Many of you may be new, the tweet from Stephen Fry was very effective, so welcome to this project.

There are many things we would like to develop and have formed a steering group to discuss this (updated details are pasted below). Please keep feeding in if there are things you would like to see. Sorry things take time to implement.

Press Release: One Click to Fix the Web

Fix the Web and Southamption School of Electronics and Computer Science

Terms of reference for a FTW Steering Group

It is still possible to join the Steering group for Fix the Web and please do continue to feed in ideas for developing and improving the project. The draft Terms of Reference are below
Gail x

Terms of Reference – Steering Group for Fix the Web

Fix the Web January Newsletter

Happy New Year Web Fixy people!

I love watching the site and seeing all the great work you are doing..
reports come in and out they go again...

Reporters keep them reports coming- we clearly have many active volunteers keeping on top of processing.

And I'm really aware that it can feel a bit lonely out there- people want to talk!

We are setting up a steering group to figure out the next stages of the development of the project, so keep plugging in your ideas, we will improve your experience, but give us a bit of time..

A Christmas Present for Web Accessibility!

Can any volunteers process one or two reports? It would be nice to move a few of them on before the break, though I do appreciate you are probably trying to finish things up before going for a relax!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas / holiday season.


Fix the Web Newsletter Dec 2010

Hello Fellow Web Fixers!

Gail here.. really appreciating all your efforts on our project.

Your experiences
Media types we are talking to are interested in the successes we have had to date and how Website owners are responding to the project. If you have any quotable quotes or things you would like to share please let me know, especially if it involves positive feedback from website owners.. (negative stuff is interesting too but I guess we won't make a feature of that, but could learn what we can from it).

Post Launch Newsletter for Fix the Web

Welcome to Fix the Web for all the people who joined recently since its launch week!

And thanks to you all who have been busy reporting and volunteering on the site, as well as promoting it to your networks, I’m astonished at the stats we have on the site already.

We need more reports!
Our avid volunteers keep processing the ones that come in, so please do report all the web accessibility issues you reporters come across.



Fix the Web is an innovative project to address the issue of web accessibility for disabled people. Our aim is to make the reporting of web access issues very simple for disabled people, with a bank of volunteers taking issues forwards (and therefore learning useful things themselves!).

You can find out more on our interim website (

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