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ExpertVolunteers and High Priority reports

We have decided to add a higher tier of priority for reports, those whose impact stretches a long way. Reports that come in that are present on a website that is very popular globally, or an issue that is part of a popular content management system (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!..) where fixing part of the core code, or a popular plugin, will filter through and fix millions of websites. When a report is marked as "High Priority" it will alert these "Expert Volunteers" who will get on to it as soon as they have a moment, and will be able to collaborate on getting the problem fixed. Their expertise might be as simple as knowing the best channels to get the problem addressed, or they may go further than that give pro bono advice to supply the webowner, or open source community with the code they need to produce or fix the problem.

To apply become a Expert Volunteer you should first register as a volunteer for fix the web (if you haven't already), then fill out the form below. One of our administrators will then review your application and if you are successful add you to our team.