Accept report

You have three options with this report:

  1. If the report concerns an illegal, discriminatory or pornographic (etc) website, then please do not proceed. Instead, close the report and mark it as closed (spam, or not an accessibility issue).
  2. If the report is a valid fix the web issue, but for any reason you don't want to accept it at this time, please re-list the report so it can be picked up by someone else.
  3. Or, if you wish to accept the report and work on fixing the issue, then accept the report.

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Help definitions
What is the website?
This is the website address of the report. If this field is empty then find out what it is from the report and enter it in here. »back
What is the issue?
This is the report that was made by the reporter. You should not need to edit this at this stage in the process. »back
Status Comment
This is a note for yourself that appears next to the website address in your dashboard to help you track the progress of your reports. »back
This is a place to put notes for yourself and any other volunteers who may view this report in the future, should you wish to use it. »back
Close the report
A button to close the report, you will be directed to another form where you will need to indicate why this report needs closing. »back
Re-list the report
A button to allow you to put this report back into the "Browse new reports" list, should you decide not to accept this report for any reason. »back